Hi, This Is Rosalynda Igwe
Am an online independent marriage mentor and relationship coach.
I hook back couples, impart them with the knowledge of marriage mentoring and relationship coaching, help them to achieve great marriage results, they teach others and earn more.
My Premium Online Course And Private Coaching Strategy Focuses On: •Modelling •Encouraging •Imparting of knowledge to my mentees •Helping couples to achieve great relationship results
Hi, Am Rosalynda

When I started my marriage mentoring  and relationship coaching program, I didn’t want to be physically present at ALL time to serve ALL my clients.

So I developed this framework to help me in reaching out to a wider audience across the globe.

I launched my Hook Marriage Back program even though I didn’t have ALL the time, didn’t have a huge audience but my passion to influence my mentees and couples ALL around the world gave me the strength to carry on against ALL odds.

It took me 9 months plus to single handedly create my online program because I was engaged with a lot of things but the good news is that it turned out to be a huge success and it’s Imparting and transforming many lives and relationships across the globe.

Today, I’ve launched a proven framework that has helped so many people become marriage mentors and  relationship coaches, affected their personal relationships positively AS WELL AS helped other couples to successfully built and restored struggling relationships.

Implementing the strategies I teach in my framework has helped me to:

  • Mentor a global marriage mentees and relationship coaches and help them in their own relationships
  • Help couples of different races find joy, love and happiness again
  • Hook marriages and relationships back from my comfort zone
  • Impart thousands of people across the globe
  • Earn recurring seven figures in dollars
  • Become a GOTO expert in marriage mentoring and relationship coaching
  • Get recognition and awards from different platforms
  • Give keynote mentorship and coaching speeches at marriage seminars
  • Travel round the world
  • Work only when I want to

If you’re thinking of becoming a marriage mentor and relationship coach and duplicate my huge success OR if your marital relationship is crashing down and you’ve been thinking about restoring and building it back; I can help you with my hook marriage back strategies that I’ve put in place…I can’t wait to work with you, to mentor and coach you, to help you to achieve your desired marriage and relationship goals so that you can start helping others too.

My Mission
To help couples achieve great marriage results by imparting them with the knowledge of marriage mentoring and relationship coaching, they teach others and earn more money.
What Others Are Saying
Rosalynda's strategies works!!!

Richy and I nearly gave up our twelve years of marriage. We tried a lot of counsellings to make it work but our disputes continued and all our efforts didn’t work. We loved each other but we had so many issues to solve, for us to be happy. Things can fall apart if you’ve experienced loving your partner but have a terrible mother-in-law who doesn’t really like you.

My husband never saw things from my own angle yet he loves me and believes that I don’t like his mom. That gave me a lot of emotional pain. I tried so hard to make his mom to love me but i couldn’t please her.

When i complained about it, my husband love for me grew into much hatred, things changed and we started thinking divorce. But thanks to my own mom who discovered hook marriage back online course and sent me the link; I got enrolled and amazingly Rosalynda really addressed that issue as if she knew my predicament. 

 Omg! Rosalynda’s strategies didn’t only helped to my relationship with my mother-in-law, it did helped me to get back my lost love life and we now have good understanding of ourselves.

My husband and I now connects and my mother-in-laws is now my best friend. Thank you Rosalynda.. Your strategies really works!

Richy & Raine, H. Texas

Oh! This is a dream come through online courses and coaching program!
Am finally happy again in my marriage after going through so much odds in my relationship. I found it hard relating with my partner but hmb online course changed my life completely.
I learnt a lot of things and applied the knowledge into my marriage. My husband and I were able to resolve our problems that we faced in our relationship. Our joy was fully restored. Everything about us changed for better and we now love and respect each other's opinion.
I must say, this is a great self-help marriage program every couple who desires a successful and happy relationship must acquire without waiting to have problems first. Although, things were a bit beyond control for us but we applied this online course and our mindset greatly improved. Truly our marriage has been hooked back.
There wasn't any boring moment studying and her one-on-one coaching program digged into the root of my problem and dealt with it. I enjoyed every part of your courses, Rosalynda. Thanks alot!